Aztec Sun

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We went south of two borders for this one, using as many authentic Mexican ingredients as we could find locally to create an intensely smooth and spicy mole. With dark Mexican chocolate, anchiote paste, epazote, and chiles like guajillo and pasilla – this jerky is fit for the ancient Aztec Gods.

Ingredients: Organic and/or grass-fed beef, Water, Raisins, Sugar, Tomato, Hot dried chili peppers, Sunflower seeds, Spices, Vinegar, Onion, Salt, Tomato juice, Annatto seed, Garlic powder, Lime juice, Chocolate, Onion powder, Garlic, Soy lecithin, Palm and/or shea nut and/or illipe nut oil, Vegetable oil, Citric acid, Herbs, Corn meal, Paprika, Allura red, Sodium benzoate, Sulphites, Artificial flavour, Polyglycerol polyricinoleate

Contains: Soy, Sulphites

A little more about our products:

Brazen Jerky is handmade in small batches to be as fresh as possible with simple ingredients and no weird stuff added:

  • Made with 100% free range, organic and/or grass-fed Canadian Prairie beef
  • Hand-cut and made with real ingredients and no added preservatives or nitrates
  • 50% less sodium than the average convenience store variety
  • Low in sugar
  • Gluten-friendly