Our Story

The first thing you should know about us is this: We love good food. Real food.

We have gardens. We actually get our hands dirty and help plan, plant and maintain our gardens. We love seeing our kids playing outside and grabbing a snap pea or fresh cherry tomato off the vines to snack on. Ingredients matter to us. We are very considerate about our food choices because we know the impact it can have on our lives and those of our families.


That’s why when one of our kids started regularly coming home from gymnastic practice eating jerky, we wanted to see the package to check the ingredients. Now, we’re not food snobs, we’re down to earth. We love a good burger or plate of nachos – especially with beer!

So, when we saw ingredients that sounded more like they belonged in a lab and not in a food, we weren’t being purists, we were being smart consumers by asking questions: “What does hydrolyzed corn protein do?” “Why is sodium benzoate added?” And “just what is disodium inosinate?”

What we discovered is that many of these additives are preservatives or flavour enhancers. They are included to make something last much longer on shelf than should be reasonably expected. Many also serve to make something that shouldn’t taste good, appeal to our innate human cravings honed over thousands of years. Most are chemical formulas and are commercially prepared to fool our tastebuds and provide the ultimate in convenience.

To us, trading off quality of real ingredients and nutrition for scale and profit is understandable, but not something we could consciously support.

So, we started thinking – what if we “de-commercialized” jerky and held true to a more handcrafted philosophy using real ingredients (not too many) and fresh wherever possible? Could we do it and be sustainable?

Dion, who grew up on a cattle farm, had a family connection to 100% organic, grass-fed beef supply and a deep commitment to our neighbourhood community that has become an essential part of our DNA. Jason, who comes from a brand marketing background, saw the potential to treat jerky more like craft brewing and tap into the growing culture we personally felt a kinship with ­– small-batch, limited seasonal offerings, local relationships, and distinct flavour profiles.

We’re on a mission to fuel the pursuits of those who challenge norms, respect nature and believe in community.


Brazen Jerky Co. is an amalgamation of these ideas, and to be honest, is an ongoing experiment. How successful and sustainable we are will be largely up to discerning customers like you. We can’t wait to see where this adventure takes us next!

That’s our story to date! If you have any unanswered questions or product feedback, please reach out to us. If you like what we’re doing, follow us on Facebook and Instagram and tell your friends. And by all means, share with us your personal pursuits with the hashtag #fuel2rule.


Jason & Dion, Co-founders