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Made for the choosy.

Hand cut organic beef, unreal flavour and no weird stuff added. You're welcome.

We're different and we're cool with that.

Some call us picky. Maybe it's because we decided to stay true to our vision of only using quality ingredients, not too many of them, and fresh wherever possible. After all, much of what is in the market is highly processed, loaded with salt, nitrates and other preservatives. It’s just not good, or good for you. We develop our jerky to be akin to craft beer – with a core lineup of unique small-batch flavours and the intent to introduce seasonals throughout the year. Different, yes. Cool? That's up to you.

Craft beer has a new sidekick.

Refuel and recharge at a taproom near you.

Freshest ingredients, always.

We deliberately grate, crush and grind our ingredients to deliver an intense flavour experience.

Fuel for the only pursuit that matters – yours.