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Robust, clean, delicious. Brazen Jerky starts with ethically treated, pasture raised, grass-fed prairie beef, which we hand-cut and then soak in vibrant marinades of our own concoctions. With a focus on only using real ingredients and no added preservatives, our jerky contains up to 50% less salt and 30% fewer calories than your average convenience store variety. It’s a protein packed fuel that choosy and adventurous folks will appreciate.


Just wanted to pass on to you the comment made by our son visiting from Toronto: "This is legit the best beef jerky I've ever tasted!"

Then he proceeded to consume the entire package. Congratulations!  You guys have a new fan!

Mayi, Calgary

The jerky was a HUGE hit. Everyone loved it! I think this will be our go to model for tournaments we sponsor going forward.

Chris, Calgary

I purchased some of their first batch, and it was gone with 20 minutes of opening the package! :-)

Rebecca, Calgary

Thank you so much for your incredible donation!  Your product is amazing and honestly, it seemed to fly off the table today.

Amanda, Calgary

Why start a jerky company, anyway?

This is us.

Brazen Jerky Co. was born from the most unlikely duo in consumer packaged goods history – a geologist and a marketer. But when you scratch the surface, you’ll find that we’ve been working toward this all our lives.

Dion Lobreau, Co-founder, Sales & Distribution

Dion has been a Petroleum Geologist for 20 years now (he started when he was 12!) and is passionate about making people aware of where their energy and their food comes from. Having a ranching background, he has always been a huge advocate of good beef, raised right. This was where the idea for Brazen began to form – a protein-packed fuel with simple ingredients that lets the quality of the beef be the star. Dion can often be found in the gym or in his extended backyard, aptly named "The Secret Park", where he regularly holds court and generally tries to invent elaborate schemes to drink beer with neighbours and friends.

Jason Holley, Co-founder, Marketing & Operations

After 10 years working as an “ad man” in Toronto and Vancouver, Jason followed his wife to Portland, Oregon in 2009 and was blown away by the craft beer and eclectic food scene. The years that followed were spent eating many unassuming 5-star meals from underneath the shelter of Washington Street food truck awnings, sampling fresh hazelnuts and chestnuts, picking berries near Hood River and raising glasses with distillers of gin, vintners of pinot noir, and brewers of the hoppiest IPA’s. Jason’s Pacific Northwest experience quickly cultivated a growing hunger for local, small-batch creations. At Brazen, Jason takes this passion for flavourful, handcrafted food and combines it wth years of consumer strategy to set the direction for the brand, products and operations.

Wade Paterson, Chef/Owner, Wade Made BBQ & Boreal Cuisine

Growing up on a farm in northern Manitoba, Wade always remembered the taste of the first vegetables of the year and how fresh and flavourful they were. Once he moved away from home and had to fend for himself, he began to appreciate the creativity in cooking and the enjoyment he got from making people happy with food. Although we joke that Wade is getting on in years (SAIT ’91!), his passion and exuberance for food that is simply and freshly prepared remains contagious. Sure, he’s won Gold Medals with his culinary feats and has lead some notable kitchens around Calgary, but what we really appreciate about Wade is his affable manner and guidance in the art of flavour innovation. Wade and his team process and package all of our jerky by hand in their SE Calgary commercial kitchen, while also contributing to R&D for seasonal releases.